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Update: Seems like the site is down or discontinued.

Zhuyo brings to you a Twitter Follower Box. It’s a widget that you can easily embed in your blog or site.

The Twitter Follower Box displays your twitter followers to all your blog readers. The widget can encourage readers to follow you on twitter! Besides, who wouldn’t want to follow you when they have chances of appearing as one of your followers on the widget.

When visitors click the Follow button of the widget, they would need to authorize Zhuyo through twitter oAuth and then start following you. Remember, at the end of the process, visitors would still be on the same page on your blog.

What’s really impressive about Zhuyo is the many themes available for you to choose from. If you do not like any of the themes available, then you can apply your own custom theme too!

There are a lot of options to choose from while creating the widget such as the number of updates you wish to display, the widget size, number of rows of followers to display etc.

To install Zhuyo, you just need to copy paste the code into your blog (supports WordPress, Blogger, Typepad and just about anything!).

Zhuyo is currently in private beta. The first 100 twi5.com readers can use the beta invite code “twi5” (without quotes) to sign up.

Update: Zhuyo has launched a “Tweet This” browser bookmarklet which lets you easily share web pages that you are currently viewing. The bookmarklet makes use of twitter oAuth and there’s no registration needed to use it!

Grab the bookmarklet from here.


  • Display Twitter followers on your blog or site
  • Allow site visitors to easily follow you
  • Uses twitter oAuth for authentication
  • Choose from a wide variety of themes
  • Add your own custom theme
  • Customize the widget with the various options available


Zhuyo Says

Twitter Followers Box is a small widget you can add to your web page. It shows your followers with a simple “Follow” button to allow your visitors to follow you right on your page.


  • Zhuyo – Tools for your social networks


  • @zhuyo – [zoo-you] Tools for your social networks. Follow us and we will DM you an invitation code.

Beta Invite

  • Use the beta invite code “twi5” (without quotes). First 100 users only
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