your.flowingdata – now this really is a different and innovative twitter tool!

Just when you start thinking that the variety of new twitter applications has gone down and they all seem to be repetitive there comes a new tool to shatter that feeling. your.flowingdata is one such great twitter tool that’s here to make a difference and help you make decisions based on the data saved.

What this tool basically does is to help you figure out patterns based on the tweets that you send its way through direct messages. From now on, send whatever you eat, the time you sleep, the money you spend and the products you buy. Once there’s enough data, you can then start analyzing your behaviour, may be learn something from it, correct your mistakes, get better even!

You can share behaviour with your twitter friends. Reminders can be set to make sure your.flowingdata is up-to-date.


  • Record and analyze your data
  • Send direct messages
  • Set reminders to update your.flowingdata


your.flowingdata Says

We make tiny choices every day. Those choices become habits, and those habits develop into behaviors. your.flowingdata helps you record these choices.



  • @yfd – Capture your life in data one tweet at a time.

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