Visual Grub- Instagram on Your Mac

Visual Grub is an Instagram client for Mac that lets you to enjoy Instagram with full accessibility, without opening your web browser again and again.

The best use of this client is the ease that it provides, to use Instagram on Mac. You can open it alongside with your chat apps. So on side, you will stay updated with what’s happening in your Instagram account and on the other side, you will be having chat with your loving beings.

You can perform all the Instagram tasks like see your friends’ photos, like, comment on others photos etc. You can follow/unfollow other users and can view the Instagram photos in offline mode as well.

This app is free to use. Download and try Visual Grub, right away!


  • View your Instagram friend feed
  • A feed of the photos you’ve liked
  • View what’s popular right now
  • See the photos posted by a user
  • Like and comment on photos
  • Detail view of any photo
  • See who’s liked any photo
  • Read comments
  • Resizable photo thumbnails
  • Follow and unfollow users
  • Offline viewing

Visual Grub

Visual Grub Says

Visual Grub makes it easy to see the photos your friends on Instagram are posting, right from your Mac.  Fire it up alongside your chat clients and leave it open while you work, it’s happy sitting off to the side and quietly reading your Instagram feed.

Web Says

Visual Grub– Instagram on Your Ma


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