Twurn – helps you make decisions

Twurn is a simple decision engine that helps you resolve petty issues you would have with your girlfriend or roommate!

Can’t decide whose turn it is to make coffee, or clean the room? Let Twurn help you out.

Just enter the task and the twitter usernames of the people involved. Twurn would then tweet out whose turn it is to perform the said task.


  • Helps you decide whose turn it is to perform a task
  • Simple decision making application


Twurn Says

Twurn is a Twitter app that helps groups of people resolve potentially life-threatening conflicts, such as who has to make the coffee (or take out the rubbish, or whatever) and then tweets the outcome to everyone involved.


  • Twurn – Whose Twurn is it…


  • @twurn – Twurning your conflicts into resolutions
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