TwoTweet – Buy and Sell on Twitter in a social way

TwoTweet wants to help you buy and sell stuff on twitter. You would be buying and selling stuff only from people you know, your friends and followers on twitter.

To sell, you just need to list and set the item’s price. TwoTweet would handle the billing, digital delivery, customer service etc. As a buyer, a single tweet is all it takes you to buy something!

The most important point of selling on twitter is to make sure that your tweet is seen by all your followers. For that to happen you would need to tweet the same offer at different time frames so that people around the world see your update. The scheduler helps you do just that.

Go develop your social business with TwoTweet, it couldn’t have been a better time to do business on twitter!


  • Buy and Sell stuff on twitter
  • Buy from those you follow and sell to those who follow you
  • Saves you from hassles such as billing and customer service


TwoTweet Says

TwoTweet lets you buy and sell on Twitter. Perfect for growing a group of repeat customers or following your favorite vendor’s latest deals. Vendors get a custom store page at, but the real magic happens via your Twitter feed. Add a product and your Followers are instantly notified. If they have made a previous purchase they can purchase via a simple Twitter message – no shopping cart or website visit required.

Your customizable TwoTweet page features an integrated secure checkout system that lets you accept major credit cards for purchases. TwoTweet manages all the billing and you can sell virtually anything, even digital goods!


  • TwoTweet – Buy from friends, Sell to followers


  • @twotweet – TwoTweets to $buy – Twitter Shopping Cart
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