Twixxo – an easy way to tweet is an easy to use Twitter web client that helps you view and use Twitter better. It gives you the ability to create comments on tweets and start a group discussion with the people that are following you.

You can tweet more than 140 characters. Create photo albums with permission settings. Inline thumbnails are displayed while viewing tweets. You can comment on any tweet and create a discussion. The site uses twitter oAuth to authenticate users.


  • Tweet over 140 Characters
  • Group Photo Albums with permission settings
  • Add more photos to your profile
  • Inline thumbnails when viewing peoples Tweets
  • Easy to use interface
  • Bigger Thumbnails for browsing followers
  • Comment on a given Tweet and create a discussion


Twixxo Says

After using Twitter and talking with the people, it became clear to me that Twitter would not be used by 80% of the population, for various reasons. One thing Twitter didn’t have was glue to hold the community together to really develop relationships outside of just business and shameless self promotion.


  • Twixxo – The easiest way to tweet and share


  • @MarkRainer – Founder of, and Founder of
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