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Twivert is a Twitter based advertising program developed to benefit advertisers and twitterers.

The site’s completely flexible when it comes to tweeting advertisements. You can choose to have ads tweeted directly to your twitter account or alternatively tweet only those ads that you approve.

You get paid based on the number of followers you have. Which means more the followers, more you get paid for every tweet published by you. Alternatively, there are ads which pay you based on the number of clicks a link tweeted out by you get. You can request payouts once your account balance reaches $30.

There are two opinions to Twitter advertising networks, one that likes the concept of ads and making money through tweeting and the other that abhors sponsored tweets. What’s your take? Would you prefer to go with advertising platforms or refrain from using them?


  • Twitter advertising network
  • Get paid for tweeting based on number of followers or clicks
  • Payouts made once your account reaches $30


Twivert Says

Twivert provides “value ads” which you can share with your friends through twitter. When someone clicks on these ads you get paid, thats it.


  • Twivert – Twitter advertising network. Earn while you tweet!


Disclaimer: Twivert is currently an advertiser on

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8 thoughts on “Twivert – get paid to tweet

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  4. Jonathan Drake

    I have a small follower count (less than 500) but I use to tweet my ads to their 20,000 Twitter Followers. I have no affiliation with the website by the way. I always try to talk about good sites though! That site allows you to post an ad on their website and it is automatically tweeted to their twitter account. I have a small e-commerce site that I submit to them on daily basis. I’m wondering if anyone else has tried using their Twivert pay per tweet shortened url with ?

  5. Todd

    I like to know more about your company an do you have a phone number i can call an do you have a address.

  6. Todd

    I would like to know more about your company an how do your company work an do you have a phone number i can call an do you have an address

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