TwitWoop – send voice messages via phone to twitter

TwitWoop is a service built for twitter that lets you record voice messages over phone and have the link to this recorded message posted to your twitter timeline.

To use TwitWoop you will need to register your phone. After registration you can instantly use the service with your registered phone and send voice messages up to 140 seconds long (yeah, the 140 limit exits here too). You can easily record a reply to a friends twitwoop by entering the reply code that you see on a twitwoop tweet.

TwitWoop currently has local number support forĀ  Germany, USA and United Kingdom (supported countries list here).

The site plans to add many more countries soon. If you cannot wait for TwitWoop to support your country you can still use TwitWoop’s international number for recording voice messages. If you are in Canada you can try CallTweet too.

Update1: TwitWoop now displays recorded replies as a hierarchical view. Called as Discussion Mode, this can be really helpful for users since all the related recorded messages would now be available in the same page!

Update2: You can now send voice messages to ANY twitter user! If the concerned twitter user is following you then your recorded voice message would be sent as a DM else it would go as an @Reply (@TwitWoop informed me about this by sending a voice message through DM, now how cool is that!).

Update3: You can leave your voice condolences for Michael Jackson here.

Update4: TwitWoop has introduced TwitWoop Channels. You can join discussions on these customized voice channels.


  • Record voice messages over phone and post the link to twitter
  • OAuth enabled
  • Currently supports Germany, USA and United Kingdom


TwitWoop Says

twitwoops are voice messages which you send into your twitter timeline directly by calling a number with your phone. Your voice message is instantly posted to your twitter timeline. So if you are on the go and want to update your followers (or should we say listeners?) about what you are doing: call in and leave a twitwoop.


  • TwitWoop – Record voice messages over phone and send them to twitter


  • @twitwoop – Check out twitwoop! Send voice messages via phone into your twitter timeline.
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