TwitWinner – compare popular keywords on Twitter

TwitWinner is a simple is a simple service that lets you enter words and measures their popularity on twitter based on the number of tweets per hour.

For example, the following link compares the popularity of mercedes and bmw among twitter users, at the moment you click the link.

You may compare words or phrases, separating each by commas. You may compare maximum 5 words at a time. Results are live, reflects the data collected at the moment you click the compare button.

TwitWinner also has a widget, which you can customize and put on your site so your visitors see the comparison live.


  • Compare keywords on Twitter
  • See the most popular keywords
  • Widget to use on your site

TwitWinner Says

On, you can compare and find things which people tweets more about, in an entertaining way.


  • TwitWinner – Which keyword is more popular on Twitter now?


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