Twittospheric – feels like heaven, feels like twitter!

Twittospheric is for those who want to watch twitter instead of television. Just enter a search term or a twitter username and all the related tweets would be displayed in a “heavenly” manner with the twitter bird painstakingly getting each tweet just for you.

Apart from fooling around this app, you can put it to good use by following the real-time twitter updates without having to refresh the page.

By the way, have you tried VisibleTweets yet? I absolutely loved the way tweets are displayed, what do you think?


  • Real-time twitter updates
  • No need to refresh the page to view new updates
  • Enter search terms or a twitter username to see updates


Twittospheric Says

Twittospheric let you see in real-time all tweets about any topic like if you were in the twittosphere, flying high in the sky!


  • Twittospheric – The fun way to see tweets like if you were in the twittosphere


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