Twittonary – a dictionary of twitter words

Twittonary helps you find meanings of all the new words that have come up lately on twitter.

Ever so often I get confused with some of the short forms that are used. To be honest I might sound like a dork, but I still do not know what the full form of “DP” is, though I know its supposed to mean profile pic! (somebody help me…) And if you do know the full form of DP, then please go and add it to Twittonary so that others can understand it too.


  • View meanings of words being used on twitter
  • Add your own words to the dictionary


Twittonary Says

Twittonary aka the Twitter Dictionary is a compilation of the twitter words people
have come up with which include the language of twitter, twitter phrases,
twitter businesses, twitter applications, and more.



  • @Twittonary – Twittonary aka The Twitter Dictionary. Send me or add your twitter words… business.. apps… etc.
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16 thoughts on “Twittonary – a dictionary of twitter words

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  16. Stephanie Michelle

    Thank you for creating this fun Twitter interactive reference. I have added the link to my Facebook Page: The Wildfire Effect ( Socialmedia word of the Week)

    Its funny, I’ve been on twitter for years, it was just yesterday that a friend got excited about their Twoosh. I can now go back to him and quote the term- how fun!



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