Twittle – a lightweight twitter client for windows

Twittle isn’t the power packed twitter clients that are being developed everyday. This one’s to help you do the simplest thing that a twitterer does – update status and @reply!

Twittle is a light weight application built for Microsoft Windows OS. You can view your friends timeline, all the replies that you receive and search tweets too. Double click on any tweet to @Reply.


  • Light weight twitter client for Microsoft Windows OS
  • Update, @Reply and view your friends timeline
  • Search tweets


Twittle Says

Twittle is a Twitter client for Windows written in WPF and C#. You can follow us here.


  • Twittle – A lightweight windows twitter client


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7 thoughts on “Twittle – a lightweight twitter client for windows

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  6. Frank

    I liked this client, especially with how small and light weight it is. Although, there’s major issue with the window. The “Twittle” windows stays in front of all of your other windows. You can’t make it stay in the background. They also need a contact page on their webpage so that someone can report this issue. If this problem is fixed, this would be a perfect client. However, I will still use Tweet Deck as my main client because it still does everything I want with no issues!

  7. Nischal Shetty Post author


    Yeah, the window stays on top. You can close the window whenever you do not need it. The application still runs in the system tray. Completely agree with you, there should be an easy way to contact and submit bug reports!

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