TwitterRide – twitter client for Android

TwitterRide is a simple and easy to use twitter app for Android. It probably has one of the cleanest UI compared to some of the other twitter apps for Android.

Notification of new tweets is in the form of stars that light up when you have new tweets to read. It’s easy to tweet, retweet as well as send @Replies. You can upload images too. You can view any twitter users profile information. Apart from this, you can even update your twitter profile pic from this app.

The app has support for Twitters Saved Search, Hashtags, URL shortener, Spell Checker etc.


  • Android twitter client
  • One of the cleanest UI
  • Easy notifications of new tweets
  • Update status, send @replies, direct messages and retweets
  • View any twitter users profile information
  • Update your twitter profile pic


TwitterRide Says

Simple and fast Twitter client for Android



  • @twitride – TwitterRide is simple and fast Twitter client for Android.
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