TwitterReader – a google reader for twitter

TwitterReader apes the functionalities of Google Reader to give you a twitter application that lets you mark tweets as read or unread. You can reply and retweet easily from the application.

I’ve had users asking me if there are applications that let you mark a tweet as read. Many of the apps including TweetDeck, Mixero etc. let you mark tweets as read. But the problem with these desktop apps is that once you shut them down and start again, the read tweets would appear as unread. TwitterReader can come in handy here.

TwitterReader is also available for download if you intend to host the application yourself.


  • Google Reader functionalities in a twitter application
  • Mark tweets as Read
  • Reply and retweet easily


TwitterReader Says

TwitteReader is a web application that was designed in order to Twitter users be able to keep track of which messages they have already read and mark and unmark them.

Its design is based on Google Reader. I use Google Reader all the time to keep my feeds organized and mark messages read and unread as I want and, although it is very simple, it is also very well built. Simple design, simple interaction but great features. So instead of re-inventing the wheel, I built an application based on those principals: simple but functional.


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