TwitterLamp – helps you auto follow twitter users

TwitterLamp is an auto follow tool built for twitter users. This tool can help you increase your twitter followers as most of the twitter users follow back when you follow them.

You need to enter your twitter credentials and select a topic that interests you. TwitterLamp would then find people matching your interests and follow them back.

The concept of following twitter users who share the same interest as you is exciting.


  • Automatically follow twitter users
  • Follow users with similar interests


TwitterLamp Says allows you to build your list of TARGETED Twitter followers with just a few clicks.

Simply enter your Twitter username and password in the form on the left, then choose a topic you’re interested in.

When you click ‘Follow’, the system will send out follow requests to other tweeple, related to the topic you chose.

The script performs up to 20 follow requests at one time.


  • TwitterLamp – The SMART Way To Follow People On Twitter


  • @twtoolbar – Optimize Your Twitter Experience With The Twitter Toolbar
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