TwitterForBusyPeople – easily view all your friends tweets

TwitterForBusyPeople helps you better manage all the tweets that your twitter friends flush into your twitter timeline.

You need to enter your twitter username and all the tweets from your friends would be displayed in an easy to use and quick glancing view. Just hover over any user and you can view their last tweet. If it’s a part of a conversation then you can read the entire conversation too!

TwitterForBusyPeople aims to help you keep in touch with all your twitter friends. If you follow a lot of people on twitter and fear not being able to communicate with them then you can give this twitter application a try.


  • Easy way to keep in touch with all your twitter friends
  • View latest tweets from your twitter friends
  • Follow a conversation your friend’s been having on twitter


TwitterForBusyPeople Says

We found ourselves wanting to see what our friends were up to “at a glance”.
By using the Twitter web site, our “active” friends often push the status messages of less active friends far down the page, or off the page completely.

So, we created this site, to see each of our friends at once (up to 500). Then we can quickly “mouse around” and see what each of our friends are up to. If we want to check recent history of a specific friend, it’s just one click.



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4 thoughts on “TwitterForBusyPeople – easily view all your friends tweets

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  4. Ted Thompson

    Good little site. Following lots of people it becomes a nightmare keeping track of what everybody’s up to. This is great, nice and simple, easy to see who’s been tweeting at a glance. Thanks.

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