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If you’re addicted to Twitter, then you must be aware of its guidelines. As a Twitter user, you may be posting many tweets a day. While writing your tweet post, you can’t exceed 140 characters. Yes, it’s also one of the strict guidelines of Twitter. This may be due to huge number of tweets per day from all over the globe or to save Twitter from spamming. Well, whatever the reason is, the thing is that you can’t post tweets more than 140 characters in length.

Well, it’s the time when popular service ‘ comes into use. The motto of this service is ‘Say More With Less’ and this is exactly what this awesome Twitter tool does.

The best thing I like about this tool is that you don’t need to be Twitter user and you can shorten your tweets by just going to ‘ and then entering your tweet and then after pressing the shorten tweet button. The other good thing about this tool is that you can send the tweets directly to your Twitter account, after shortening them.

What this tool actually does is, it shortens the links in your posts by using the link shortening service It also contract the post, wherever possible. If your tweet contains any longer words then this tool replaces it with abbreviated versions.

You should try Twitterfitter today.


  • Shorten your tweet length
  • Hide your link behind the link
  • Make your tweets more attractive
  • Send tweets to Twitter directly, after shortening them
  • Use abbreviated  versions instead of long words to attract other users

TwitterFitter  Says

It helps you shorten the length of your tweets by shortening links using, using contractions where possible, and swapping out longer words with abbreviated versions.

Web Says

TwitterFitter– Say more with less



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