TwitterFace – web based twitter app with an awesome interface

TwitterFace is, well, yet another awesome twitter application! And like Matt, you would absolutely love the user interface of this app as well.

The app has support for multiple twitter accounts which makes it easy to keep in touch with all the various twitter accounts that you may be simultaneously handling. You can have up to three panes on the same page to keep track of tweets, searches etc.

An innovative feature is the ability to design themes for your TwitterFace page. You can customize the interface in order to give the the look and feel that you want.

Groups, Saved Searches and Page Tracking to provide you with info on the number of visitors to your site would soon be added to this app.

Want more twitter apps that support multiple twitter accounts? Try this list.


  • Twitter web client with support for multiple twitter accounts
  • Design and use your own themes
  • View up to 3 panes at the same time
  • Your own TwitterFace page to improve brand visibility


TwitterFace Says

Twitterface gives you the ability to design your own interface. When you show people this cool, new tool, your brand will be front and center, and you control the place you run in and out of all day long.

We also make it easier for you to view and respond to multiple accounts, and to track things like conference tweets, because you can see up to 3 accounts on your page, and change what you’re viewing in a snap.



  • @tweetmeup – TweetMeUp is the official product update site for Twitterface, built for brands.
  • @kriscolvin – Chief Mischief Maker at We Heart & Twitterface. Opinionated user/brand experience designer and customer advocate.
  • @adilsoni
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