TwitterContd – tweet more than 140 characters

TwitterContd helps you tweet more than 140 characters.

Unlike Twerbose which links your large twitter update to a separate page, TwitterContd updates all of the characters in your long tweet to your twitter timeline by breaking them up into multiple twitter updates! The best part is that the tweets are updated in the right order so that your friends just have to read it from top to bottom.

This tool can come in handy when you are keen on explaining something on twitter and 140 characters are just not enough!

You can also define your own shortcuts and use them in your tweets while updating through TwitterContd. The shortcuts would be automatically converted to the real value as specified by you.


  • Breaks tweets longer than 140 characters into multiple twitter updates
  • Helps you tweet in more than 140 characters
  • Define your own shortcuts and they would be replaced with the value as specified by you
  • Helpful while having conversations where longer explanations are needed




  • @contd – More than 140 characters…..and more features
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