TwitterBatcher – easiest way to take that FollowFriday recommendation

TwitterBatcher has come up with something new to help you follow all those #FollowFriday recommendations you get! You can now easily bulk follow all such recommendations you get on fridays.

To bulk follow all the recommendations you receive, all you need to do is copy paste the usernames. That’s all, the accounts would then be automatically followed. You can search new users based on hashtags. Search and follow popular users to keep your twitter stream interesting.


  • Follow bulk users easily by copy-pasting the usernames
  • Suitable for following all the #FollowFriday recommendations
  • Search users on hashtag and find all the popular users
  • Uses twitter oAuth for authentication


TwittterBatcher Says

twitterBatcher is an online Twitter app that allow you to easily follow many people in 3 simple steps.



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