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TwitterBackgrounds – free twitter backgrounds

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TwitterBackgrounds is a repository of free twitter backgrounds. You can find some really good designs and use them without having to pay.

Apart from free backgrounds, the site also designs custom twitter backgrounds. Looking at the free designs we can say that the paid ones would surely be fantastic!

There is however, no option to download the twitter backgrounds for manual upload. You need to enter your twitter username and password and the site would automatically upload the twitter background chosen by you. If not a manual upload then twitter oAuth would definitely be a good addition. Let’s hope the site implements oAuth soon.

We’ve been seeing a lot of sites related to twitter backgrounds lately. Tweeps have so many beautiful twitter background that it’s fun to have a peek at them using Peekr!


  • Find free twitter backgrounds for your twitter profile
  • Order custom twitter backgrounds
  • Enter your twitter credentials to automatically upload a twitter background


TwitterBackgrounds Says

We’re a bunch of guys who love twitter just like you, and we’re working hard to build the best Twitter backgrounds site around.



  • @twitrbackground – Twitter Backgrounds from the source. We also post Twitter News and funny links. Yay Twitter!
  • @JasonMoore1st – A guy with a wonderful wife, two wonderful babies, and wonderful work (I own pYzam.com, TwitterBackgrounds.com, and FreeFlashToys.com). And I’m very funny!
  • @MattQuirk – Graphic designer for twitterbackgrounds.com & pYzam.com. Go check us out B!
  • @mattparrett
  • @nikka_Lowdian – I am a musician and graphic artist working for Pyzam.com
  • @andyholloway
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    TwitterBackgrounds – free twitter backgrounds [link to post]

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