Twitter Tussle – Find out which word is more popular on Twitter

Twitter Tussle let’s you find out which keywords are more popular on twitter. I think it’s a genius idea and would help marketers a lot.

As awesome the idea is, the site has been designed in an equally awesome way. You enter the two words you need to check. Two cute twitter birds will then appear on the screen and fight it out to display the more popular of the two words entered by you. The app also displays the frequency per minute of the words entered.

Go do some research while having fun on Twitter Tussle.


  • Find which word is more popular on Twitter
  • Popular word displayed after two twitter birds fight it out onscreen

Twitter Tussle Says

Twitter Tussle is a website that lets you find out what’s more popular on Twitter by watching two cute little birds duke it out in a fight to the death whilst you watch cackling from the comfort of your computer!



  • @TTussle – The Twitter account of Twitter Tussle – Find out what’s more popular on Twitter! We follow back!
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