Twitter Notifier- Brings New Tweet Notifications To Chrome

If you are using World’s most popular browser Google Chrome, then you must be aware with the fact that Chrome app store is completely flooded with the Twitter related apps. Twitter Notifier is one of the best Chrome extensions for Twitter and I personally use it with my Chrome.

Twitter Notifier brings the new tweet notifications to Chrome as soon as they get published. It also makes use of Desktop Notification feature of Chrome to bring the notifications on your desktop. Clicking on the notification open Twitter site. The links in the tweets are clickable.

You can link multiple Twitter accounts with Twitter Notifier. It makes the use of oAuth for sign in process, so no need to worry about your Twitter security credentials.

So what are you waiting for? Give it a try now.


  • Best Chrome extension for Twitter
  • Brings new tweet notifications to Chrome
  • Comes with desktop notifications feature
  • Multiple Twitter accounts support
  • Completely free to use

Twitter Notifier Says
Twitter Notifier for Chrome brings new tweet notifications to your desktop! It uses Twitter’s streaming API – meaning tweets, DMs and @replies all appear instantly – faster than most desktop clients!

Web Says

Twitter Notifier– Brings new Tweet notifications to Chrome



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