Twitter Follow badge for your site or blog

Go2Web20 has a really nice twitter follow badge creator that lets you put the Follow Me or Follow Us badge on your blog or site.

You can see an example on this page (look left!).

Creating a similar follow badge is simple. Enter your twitter username and select the colour you like. You can also select on which side of your page you want the badge to appear.

Badges like these can really help you gain twitter followers. You can find a list of similar applications that help you create badges here.


  • Create your own twitter Follow Me badge
  • Put the twitter badge on your site or blog
  • No coding required, just copy and paste
  • You can choose the badge colour, positioning, text etc.


Go2Web20 Says

This badge calls your users to start following your twitter account.
Twitter has proven itself to be a great communication channel with your site visitors.
This badge can be installed almost on any site. Just customize it a bit and take the code.


  • Go2Web20 – Twitter Follow badge for your site or blog


  • @go2web20 – Fresh updates from Go2web20 Directory ~*~ @eyalshahar @orli

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