TwittBot is a twitter service that allows multiple users to tweet on a single Twitter account as well as a single user to tweet to multiple twitter accounts.

So what basically happens is that when you sign up, you would be able to get hold of a bot that would help you accomplish this task.

Bots can be marked as “open” (anyone can post to the bot) or “closed” (only a select list can post the group).


Try sending an @Reply to @twittbottest. Within a few minutes it would be republished on the @twittbottest page.

TwittBot allows fine control over who can and can’t post to your bot. Instead of relying on who you’ve followed, TwittBot lets you follow as many people as you’d like, but still control who gets to post to your bot! You can block specific users from posting or allow only a specified number of people to post.

This app is cool for groups on twitter.


  • Multiple users can tweet to a single account
  • Post to multiple twitter accounts
  • Control the bot with the “Open” and “Closed” feature
  • Block unwanted users from publishing
  • Allow only a specified set of people to publish

TwittBot Says

TwittBot is a service that allows multiple people to publish to a single Twitter account, and for a single person to post to multiple Twitter accounts.


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