Twittas – what was your first tweet?

Twittas provides a variety of tools to analyze your Twitter accounts.

You can find out the date of your first tweet. If you want to find out the speed at which you tweet, Twittas has it. Like other twitter grading sites, you can find out your twitter grade too.

Do you think you’re wasting a lot of time on Twitter? Well, twittas will tell you the truth. You can find out your first twitter followers, the first twitter users you followed and much much more.


  • Find out when you tweeted first
  • Find out your tweeting speed
  • Grade your Twitter account
  • Find out how much time you waste on Twitter
  • Find out which celebrities arrived after you on Twitter
  • Predict when you would reach 1 million followers
  • Locate people you follow on a map
  • Find out twitterers you converse the most with


Twittas Says

Find out when was your first tweet. Find out how fast you are tweeting. Let us evaluate your twitter profile. Find out how much time you wasted tweeting. See how long you are on twitter and which celebrities arrived after you. Predict the date you will reach 1 million followers. Find out who where your first followers. Find out if you have more followers than the Pope on Twitter. Find out who were the first users you chose to follow. Find out with whom you’ve been interacting more.



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