Twitsumé – have you created your twitter résumé?

Twitsumé aims to help twitter users find a job. It’s not only about a regular job search, even if you happen to be a freelancer you should probably have this one!

Twitter’s a great place to find work through all the friends you have. Couple this with the ease of passing your résumé to your twitter friends and your chances of getting a good job or project on twitter increases instantly. You can view résumés of all your friends and invite those who haven’t created one yet.

You have the option to create a new résumé or upload the one you already have. You can easily email your twitsumé and export it too. Set visibility levels and decide what can be viewed publicly.


  • Create your own twitter résumé
  • Uses twitter oAuth for authentication
  • Easily create a new résumé or upload an existing one
  • Decide what can be viewed publicly


Twitsume Says

Build your online profile by sharing your resumé with your Twitter network

View other people’s résumés within your Twitter network

Capture your résumé in a professional format and export email-able and printable versions


  • Twitsume – Share your resume with the world


  • @twitsume – Showing my best feathers by helping you to show yours
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