TwitSpeech – a new way to gain more followers

TwitSpeech wants to provide you with a platform to help you gain more twitter followers. It’s not some automated tool that would bulk follow hundreds of twitter users to increase your follower count. You need to be really worth following to increase your follower count.

You need to give a creative speech and other twitter users would vote you up or down. The top speeches are displayed on the sidebar. A few random speeches are displayed too.


  • Write speeches and increase your twitter followers
  • Best speeches featured in the hall of fame


TwitSpeech Says

Give a public speech then! Tell the rest of the world, aka Twitter members, why on Earth should they follow you through out the day. Be creative, funny, interesting, or simply tell a joke. Every speech will wear off after a certain period in order to give everybody a fair chance and to keep the noise down.



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