TwitSay – give your twitter account a voice

TwitSay lets you record 10 seconds of voice messages and tweet the link directly to your twitter timeline for your friends to hear it.

You just need to call the local number for your country (Austria, Germany, Switzerland, UK, Paris and New York supported at the time of writing this profile).

If you do not register at the site then the messages recorded by you would be sent to the public timeline of twitsay. To register, you need to provide your twitter username and password as well as your phone number. All voice messages received from the phone number you provide would be tweeted to your twitter timeline.


  • Record and share voice messages on twitter
  • Voice message duration is 10 seconds
  • Call the local number of your country


TwitSay Says

Just a simple service which lets you send 10 seconds of voicemessages to your Twitter account.


  • TwitSay – Give your twitter account a voice


  • @twitsay – Give your Twitter Account a Voice!
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