Twitroduce – Introduce your twitter friends

Twitroduce is an excellent tool to help you with your #FollowFriday ritual. You can select any of your followers and introduce your twitter friends to them.

The site uses twitter oAuth for authentication. Once authenticated, you get to choose the twitter friend to whom you wish to send your friend suggestion. You can send friend suggestions through DM, @reply or both.

The tool comes in handy for suggesting twitter friends, however, I couldn’t find a way to tweet out suggested followers as an update (you have to specify a twitter user). It would be really cool if there was a way to suggest twitter friends to all your followers.


  • Introduce your twitter friends to any of your followers
  • Great tool to help you with #FollowFriday


Twitroduce Says

Let me Twitroduce Myself: allows you to introduce your friends and followers on Twitter to each other.

You’ve been Twitroduced!: Twitroduce will tell you who has recommended you as someone to follow

Network by Twitroduction: Twitroduce helps you find people to follow based on your interests and help you network



  • @twitroduce – Twitroduce allows you to send follower suggestions to your Twitter friends
  • @JoshuaOdmark – Technology consultant, SEO, blogger, traveler, entrepreneur, and extreme sports athlete
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