TwitrGrid – mosaic grid for your blog

TwitrGrid is a twitter app that lets you create a mosaic out of your twitter friends and followers.

The mosaic created by TwitrGrid is vertical as opposed to the more horizontal mosaics we have seen before from twitter mosaic.


  • Create mosaic of your twitter friends or followers
  • Embed the mosaic in your blog or profile


TwitrGrid Says

Turn your twitter tweeps into a cool mosaic grid for your blog or profile


  • TwitrGrid – mosaic of your twitter friends and followers


  • @twitrgrid – Making cool Twitter grids of your tweeps since, well, yesterday.
  • @centdev – Co-Founder/CTO. Son, Brother, Traveler, Husband, Father,  Fan, Entreprenuer and part-time Geek. Just a digital guy living in an insanely digital world.
  • @centcreative – Co-Founder/Creative Director, Graphic Designer and Filmmaker. Wandering Life Booster.
  • @ashdigg
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