TwitrDoo – A Simple To-Do List

TwitrDoo is a To-Do list that helps you create new To-Do items through your twitter account.

You need to login to TwitrDoo using twitter oAuth which means there’s no need to disclose your password. Once logged in, you can easily add new To-Do items to your list.

Send a direct message containing a To-Do item to @twitrDoo and it would be immediately added to your To-Do list.

Remember that million dollar idea that strikes you in the middle of the night? Next time save it on your To-Do list!

Want to check out all the Twitter To-Do apps on twi5? Look Here.


  • Create and manage To-Do list through twitter
  • Send new items as a direct message to @twitrDoo


TwitrDoo Says

TwitrDoo is a simple web-based ‘To-Do list’. It’s super easy to use… Login via Twitter or just follow @TwitrDoo to automatically create your account.

You can manage your ‘To-Do List’ here, or direct message your tasks to @TwitrDoo on Twitter, from your IM application, or even your mobile phone!



  • @twitrDoo – TwitrDoo is a super simple to-do list web-app that uses Twitter to log in.
  • @sproutingseed – Founder of & TwitrDoo / Serial Ecopreneur. Chef by trade. Traveler & Web Developer by Choice. Eco-conscious treehugging dharma seeker.
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