TwitPrint – print your tweets

TwitPrint lets you print your tweets. Why would you want to do that? I haven’t figured it out yet, but would love to hear the various uses that TwitPrint can be put to, know any?

You need to provide your twitter credentials and TwitPrint would then give you options such as printing your own tweets or tweets from your twitter friends. You can include all the twitpics in the tweets (this is a nice option!) as well as all user profile pics.

Update: TwitPrint now allows you to print up to 3200 of your most recent tweets.

If you want you tweets as a book, try TweetBook.


  • Print your tweets
  • Include twitpics and user profile images


TwitPrint Says is a Twitter printer!

Use it to print your tweets. You can make it include pictures too.



  • @twit_print – Free Twitter printer. Making your tweets printer friendly.
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13 thoughts on “TwitPrint – print your tweets

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  11. Bianca

    Twitprint is a copy of, even the text is the same! The only difference is that at you can print/save the last 3200 tweets instead of the last 200!


    Thanks for the feedback Bianca, in response to user requests we’ve increased the number of tweets to 3200.

    We’re now looking for new features to develop to make the very best it can be.

    If anyone has any thoughts on new features they’d like to see, please let us know.

    Thanks to Nischal for bringing us, your hard work has helped to make famous!


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