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Twitter is the best service to stay connected with world. You must be a part of the ever growing family of Twitter as it’s become a basic need now. Posting tweets on your Twitter timeline is the best way to share your thoughts with your followers. 140 Characters is the limit set by Twitter, which is the maximum length of any tweet. This limit is good for sharing simple tweets. But what, if you have more to say that can’t be expressed in 140 characters? You might have faced this problem before and believe me, it’s the most irritating part of Twitter.

Twitplus understands your irritation and that’s why is offering the service to share longer tweets. The service is completely free to you and all you need to do is to authorize this web based app with your Twitter account. After authorizing the app, just start writing your tweet in the box given in Twitplus. You can see the character count below the box. Write the tweet of any length, according to your need.

When you are finished with the writing part, just press the tweet button and longer tweet will get posted on your Twitter timeline with some starting text of your tweet and then after a Twitplus link to your longer tweet.

Simple isn’t it?

You should give Twitplus, a try now.


  • Share longer tweets easily
  • Express your thoughts freely without any character’s limit
  • Share tweet directly on your Twitter timeline
  • Completely free to use

Twitplus Says

Twitplus- Share longer tweets on your Twitter timeline.

Web Says

Twitplus– The best Twitter tool to share longer tweets easily by creating a Twitplus link to full tweet.




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