– user recommended twitter lists is like the #followfriday for Twitter lists. We know that there exists a lot of interesting twitter lists out there. can help you decide the lists that you may actually enjoy following.

To recommend a list you just need to specify the twitter user and the list name. You can optionally add tags and a description of why you recommend the list. Lists can be found by category. The site displays the recent recommendations on the homepage.

Soon. the site intends to show you the “most recommended” lists, which in my opinion can help you a lot in finding new and interesting lists to follow on Twitter.


  • Recommend interesting lists on Twitter
  • Find lists sorted according to category
  • Recently recommended lists displayed on the homepage

twitter-apps-Twitlist-user-recommended-twitter-lists Says is a site where Twitter users can recommend Twitter Lists and search for the best Twitter Lists (the latter feature coming later).

Our site is still in “beta” as you can see on our logo, we need YOUR help to find the best Twitter lists on Twitter.


  • – User recommended twitter lists and more


  • @twitli_st – The Official Twitter Page of where you can recommend your favorite Twitter lists to others!
  • @zedomax – We cover DIYs, HOWTOs, gadgets, and blog(tweet) all day long. Send us tips(tweets)!
  • @therealjosh – Blogger, Internet Marketer, founder of A History Channel buff, skydiving, motorcycles and rugby what more do you need?
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  2. The Real Josh

    We’d love to hear any feedback that people would have to make the site the best it can be. Thanks for taking the time to write up this post and help spread the word.

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