TwitLan – tweet in 81 different languages!

TwitLan allows you to tweet in 81 different languages. You need to sign in to the app using Twitter oAuth.

TwitLan isn’t a translation tool. You get virtual keyboards for various languages of your choice. Using the virtual keyboards, you can type tweets in any of the 81 languages.


  • No Translation of tweets
  • Tweet directly in over 81 different languages
  • Integrated with latest tweets of the user
  • Uses Oauth for authentication


TwitLan Says allows you to Tweet in 81 different languages like Afrikaans,Arabic,Belarusian, Bengali,Chinese,Dutch,Farsi(
Persian),French, German, Greek, Hindi, Italian,  Japanese, Javanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Tamil, Thai etc.,(To name a few)


  • TwitLan – Tweet in different languages


  • @twitlan – Tweet in over 81 different languages
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