TwitHut – twitter signature generator

TwitHut let’s you generate unique signatures based on your twitter profile and last tweet.

There is no login needed and generating a new signature is very easy. Just enter your twitter handle and select the background that you want. Codes to embed in your blog are provided as well.


  • Quick and simple twitter signature generator
  • Easy to create
  • Code available for embedding in blogs

TwitHut Says

You can show off your own Twitter Signatures on your web page, blog or online forum. It will display your latest tweet (twit) messages, followers and your friends


  • TwitHut – Twitter signature generator


  • @twithut – Generate your own Twitter signature for your blog, forum or website. Select more than 200s cool signatures
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3 thoughts on “TwitHut – twitter signature generator

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  3. slugnasty

    I love this thing and use it as my signature on a web forum. I can’t for the life of me figure out why it won’t detect my time stamp information correctly though. My time zone is set correctly on twitter, but the twit hut signature displays odd dates and times.

    This is more of a question but I’d also really love to know how twithut works. How does it sync with twitter to actually get this information?

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