Twithorus- real-time tweets from tech companies

Twithorus aggregates real-time tweets from twitter accounts of tech companies. There are various categories you can filter the tweets into.

You can retweet and reply to interesting tweets. Trending tech related topics are displayed as well. There’s a short and sweet bar graph that displays the most active tech companies on Twitter.


  • Top tech tweets from companies found on twitter
  • Retweet and reply to tweets
  • Various categories such as SaaS, software, mobile etc to choose from

Twithorus Says is a twitter application that aggregates and displays real-time tweet updates of tech companies by category directly from the source, making it easy to filter out the noise and find out what your competitors are up to. also provides statistics/analysis on the tweeting activity of companies, insights on how twitter users are reacting to updates of each company, and real-time search capabilities.



  • @twithorus – is a twitter application that aggregates and categorizes tweets by popular tech companies on twitter in real time.
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