TwitCritics – real-time movie reviews and ratings

TwitCritics brings to you real-time movie reviews and ratings pulled in from all the tweets posted by twitterer users.

The site can help you decide on movies to watch and which movies to avoid. I guess I’ll be using this site the next time I plan to watch a movie.

There are a few criteria you can use to filter the movies such as rating, name, tweets etc. Click on any movie to read what twitterers have to say about it.


  • View movie reviews and ratings
  • Sort movies on popularity, ratings etc.


TwitCritics Says

TwitCritics automatically gathers tweets about new movies written by people like you, and determines if they are positive or negative to give you a critique, by you.



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2 thoughts on “TwitCritics – real-time movie reviews and ratings

  1. Edwin

    Nice site! Note you can do something similar with the iPhone app MovieDNA, which has a lot of Twitter options (though it doesn’t rate movie tweets). See the MovieDNA website for details. Disclaimer: I am the creator of this app.

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