TwitChuck – The Good, The Bad and The Spammy

TwitChuck has been developed to help keep twitter spammers at bay. It’s a nice initiative and definitely needs a mention here on twi5.

Before you plan to follow any twitter user, we recommend you check them at TwitChuck. The site uses a set of check points to determine whether to follow a twitter user or not. The higher the points (out of 100) the better.

If you find a twitter user to be worth following then you can easily follow the user from the site, and since the application uses twitter oAuth, you do not need to disclose your password to do so.

If you know of a twitter account that spams the twitter timeline, then you can report the account to TwitChuck so that other users are warned about such spammy twitter accounts.

You can proudly display your TwitChuck score by adding your twitter handle at the end of like this –

Update1: TwitChuck has introduced FriendChuck which helps you automatically unfollow all the spam twitter accounts and an API that allows you to pull TwitChuck scores for any twitter account.

Update2: A Greasemonkey script is now available which allows you to report twitter spammers right from the twitter and twitter search web interface! (more info)


  • Weed out the spammy twitter accounts
  • Decide whether a twitter user is worth following
  • Show off your TwitChuck score
  • Easily follow a twitter user right from the site
  • FriendChuck allows you to unfollow all spam twitter accounts
  • API available to display TwitChuck scores in your own application
  • Greasemonkey script allows you to report spammers directly from the twitter and twitter search web interface
TwitChuck - seriously taking on twitter spam

TwitChuck - seriously taking on twitter spam

TwitChuck Says

The why in TwitChuck is follow regret, the hours of staring at pointless spam posts. We had one question and that was how can we address the spam issue on Twitter? So the answer was TwitChuck, an intelligent way of looking at spam and following on Twitter.


  • TwitChuck – Seriously taking on twitter spam


  • @muudboard – Web guy @copperconf, husband, and amature chef. Working everyday with Jquery, gum and duct tape
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