TwitCam- Stream Live Video On Twitter

An image is worth thousands words and is a great way to catch the attention of others. Well, if a still image is worth thousand words, then what about the moving and talking images, that we call as videos?

Twitter video sharing feature allows you to attract others by posting link to your videos. But TwitCam is an awesome video sharing web based tool for Twitter that streams love videos on Twitter. You can broadcast yourself live on Twitter and can have a chat with your friends while broadcasting video.

Using the tool  is very simple. Just plugin your webcam or post link to your favorite videos where your followers can see the video. Then login with your Twitter account and TwitCam post a tweet on your timeline including a link to live streaming of video and a chat box to have chat with your followers. This is as simple as 1, 2, 3.

TwitCam is completely free to use. You should give TwitCam, a try now.


  • Stream live videos on Twitter
  • Live broadcasting of your video
  • Chat with your followers while broadcasting videos
  • Very Simple to use
  • Completely free

TwitCam Says

TwitCam is the best way to stream live videos on Twitter while having chat with your followers.

Web Says

TwitCam– Stream live video on Twitter




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