TwitArea – share any place on twitter, right from your browser

TwitArea helps you share any place with your friends on twitter.

There is a Firefox plugin available which adds an “Insert Place” button to the twitter web interface. Once you have installed the plugin you can start sharing places instantly.

Once you tweet a place, a link would be created which would display information such as contact info, location on the map etc.


  • Easily share places with your twitter friends
  • Firefox plugin available for easy sharing of new places
  • Shared place displayed on a map along with information such as contact info, user votes, comments etc.


TwitArea Says

Sharing places on Twitter is fast and easy with TwitArea!
Tweet the address, phone number and location of any place worth tweeting in seconds – right from your browser! No need to leave your browser page, go to another web site, cut and paste URLs.


  • TwitArea – Instant short URLs for places


  • @twitarea – This new application allows users to easily insert and share local place information when tweeting. Think of it as “TwitPic for places”.
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