Twimonial – testimonials about Twitter users

Twimonial lets you write testimonials about any of your twitter friends. These testimonials that you write can help others decide whether to follow a particular twitter user.

During #FollowFridays (#FF), you can link to your recommended users twimonial page to help your followers understand why you’re recommending twitter users.

To write twitter testimonials for a particular twitter user, you just need to tweet the testimonial with the hashtag #twimonial and the @username of the user you’re writing a testimonial about. The app lets you search testimonials of a twitter user. There’s a chrome extension available as well.

Example: If you like Twi5 for the apps we profile, you can write a twimonial :

Reviews and profiles the best twitter apps #twimonial @twi5

You can click here to tweet the above Twimonial for Twi5, we’ll be glad you did!


  • Write testimonials for your twitter friends
  • Make a list of all the testimonials and link them in your #FF (Follow Friday) recommendations
  • Search testimonials of a particular twitter user


Twimonial Says

Twimonial is a webapp to read testimonials about Twitter users. You can also make a list for your Follow Friday recommendation so that your followers get to know why a user that you recommend should be followed.


  • Twimonial – Testimonials about Twitter users


  • @twimonial – Testimonials about Twitter users. Write a testimonial by tweeting blah blah blah #twimonial @username
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