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In the fast growing race of Twitter clients for Android, more and more developers have started providing the integration of other social networking sites along with the Twitter. But this makes them to lose their main aim of creating the app. Well, this is not any problem with Twidroyd as the developer has only focused on Twitter and has blessed the app with good Twitter related features to use on your Android.

Customized notification is the first feature that I want to list here. It allows you to change the notification settings so as to receive them, the way you want.  You can create a list of your favorite Twitter users and can use the multiple widgets to extend the features list of this app. The tweet search filters allow you to search the tweets in your locality. ‘Zip It’ feature can be used to get rid of unwanted tweets without unfollowing any user.

Live Preview is a new feature in the latest version of Twidroyd that enables you to preview the links within the app. Moreover, if you are having multiple Twitter accounts, then you can handle them all at the single instance.

Twidroyd is well featured app for Android. You should give it a try now.


  • Customize the notifications
  • Live Preview to view links within the app
  • Zip It feature to get rid from unwanted tweets
  • Multiple Twitter accounts

Twidroyd Says

Twidroyd is the best Twitter client for Android that comes with all the features that you may require to use with your Twitter. New feature, Live Preview enables you to preview the links within the app.

Web Says

Twidroyd Pro– The best and full-featured Twitter client for Android.



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