Twidroid – twitter app for Android mobile phones

Twidroid is a twitter app developed for mobile phones running on Android. It’s one of the coolest apps for Android phones and worth a try.

You can update your status, @Reply as well as DM. There are options to follow/unfollow users, auto completion of contact names, integration with, GPS support for updating your location, location based search and much more.


  • Full-featured twitter client
  • Postings, replies & direct messages
  • User detail information, follow/unfollow a user
  • Auto-completion of your contact names
  • Secured operation via SSL
  • Option to use instead of twitter
  • Option to use twitter compatible APIs (e.g.
  • Integrates directly with android’s browser & gallery for sharing
  • GPS location support to update your profile or embed into photos
  • Location-based nearby search
  • Directly integrated photo-posting from cam or disk via phodroid and twitpic
  • Directly integrated search through all public tweets
  • Native url-shortening
  • Background notifications for replies & direct messages
  • Auto layout for landscape and portrait mode
  • Custom alert ringtones
  • API to send tweets from your android application
  • ‘Buzz’ feature that allows you to view today’s most talked about stories on twitter directly in the app


Twidroid Says

The leading full-featured twitter & app for android mobile phones


  • Twidroid – The twitter app for Android Mobiles


  • @twidroid – the #1 twitter app for android | ideas/problems – no support via twitter
  • @thomas – avid runner and startup maker // mostly known for creating the infamous
  • @zimmermann
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8 thoughts on “Twidroid – twitter app for Android mobile phones

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  2. DK

    Yes, this type of phone is going to common now.
    Dual System: Windows and Google Android. I see a cell phone on CNDIGIT’s website, they provides the model call Diamond T5353. Which has Dual System (windows and google android), GPS and WIFI etc..

  3. Tim

    I am unable to use this app. I get an error when I try to login (which I have never been able to do.)

    Error:Twitter rate limit reached. Twitter sets a limit on how many times it can be used in ah hour. There have been more than 150 requests in the last hour. This could be due to having multiple Twitter applications running with the same account.

    This is my first and only account. I am not even able to login. Any help?


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