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Twidget – twitter dashboard widget for Mac OS X

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Twidget is a Mac OS X dashboard widget that helps you easily update your twitter status.

The app has all the standard features you would expect out of a twitter app like auto refresh, ability to @reply and send direct messages, favourite a tweet, tracking conversations on twitter etc.

If you are a Mac user then do give this Dashboard widget a try!


  • Displays 20 most recent public or friends timeline
  • Auto-refreshes timeline display
  • Easily show/hide timeline display
  • One-click refresh of timeline
  • Links to reply and Direct Message Twitter contacts
  • Link to mark tweets as “Favourite”
  • Recognizes replies and auto-links them to follow conversations


Twidget Says

Twidget is a free Dashboard Widget for OS X that allows you to update your Twitter status.


  • Twidget – twitter dashboard widget for Mac OS X


  • @twidget – One stop shop for all things Twidget, the Twitter Dashboard widget
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    RT @twi5: Nice dashboard widget for Mac users – Twidget [link to post]

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    Twitter Apps: Twidget – twitter dashboard widget for Mac OS X (via twi5.com) [link to post]

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  3. emm… luv it..

  4. yeah Twidget is great, i was testing Twitterrific and it keeps on giving connection problems!!? Twidget runs fine..

  5. @eclipx

    Uh..huh!! Nice and thnks for stopping by to tell us about ur experience with Twidget šŸ˜‰

  6. Twitter Comment

    Twidget is a Mac OS X widget that helps update your twitter status: [link to post]

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