TwideoContest – social video contest platform

TwideoContest has been developed and designed to connect services with their audience using social media and video. The site provides a unique platform for businesses to create customizable solution to host a video contest and spread awareness about their brand, hold a video contest etc.

The site has integrated twitter oAuth and you can use it to sign in to the site and upload videos. Twideo makes use of the YouTube API to save the videos that you submit. Viewers of your video can vote for the videos. Every tweet that links to the video is counted as a vote as well!

Contest holders can choose between a sub domain under Twideo or their own custom domain name. The site would charge businesses for holding contests.


  • Create video contest for your users
  • Users can take part in a video contest and submit videos
  • Most voted video wins
  • Tweets linking to the video counted as votes


TwideoContest Says

twideo contest is a customizable, social video application built for anyone wanting to host their own video contest. Perfect for brands, small companies or even celebrities. It doesn’t matter, our platform will help you connect to your audience.



  • @bestvideowins – First social video contest using the @twideocontest platform. Win in iMac, iPod Touch, or Nano Video. Ends December 31st, 2009!
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9 thoughts on “TwideoContest – social video contest platform

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  4. Drew

    This contest has really helped my students understand the power of social networking. It has also motivated them to put their videos on to see how well they would do. This is really something epic!

  5. ron

    the social networking is great and all but how is this going to help my brand? People are going to be focused on the videos and a quick vote, not my product.Not to mention I like voting for stuff but I don’t want to spam people or let the world know I voted on something.

  6. Nischal Shetty Post author


    It’s all about user engagement. They may not visit your site through such a contest, but they would definitely recall your brand by participating. It’s the same concept of “sponsorships” you see while watching a soccer match, brand recall.

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