Twhanel – Create your own twitter channels

Twhanel lets you create twitter channels that would display tweets related to topics of your choice.

Twhanel allows you to create your own subdomains which you can then share with your friends. Save the keywords that you want to be searched and tweets containing these keywords would be displayed in your twhanel.

As an example, you can see the Twhanel we created here.

The channels auto refresh every time new updates are found. You can retweet as well as @reply directly to any of the tweets found in a twhanel.

Twitter channels can be great to keep a tab on the latest news and track trends on twitter. And since you have your own subdomain, it’s easy to remember and share!


  • Create your own twitter channel
  • Auto Refreshes the timeline whenever there are new tweets
  • @reply and retweet any tweet from a twhanel
  • Register your own subdomain
Twhanel - Create your own Twitter Channels

Twhanel - Create your own Twitter Channels

Twhanel Says

Twitter is loaded with topics and info, that are all updated in real time. The problem is unless you’re following 40k+ people you’ll never hear about or read any of them.

Twhanel allow users the ability to create pages that are focused on a certain category or topic, and host that Twhanel on our site, much like blogger which host user blogs. With Twhanel you can create a twitter channel via a subdomain of your choice on our Twhanel domains.


  • Twhanel – Create your own twitter channel


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