TwellWishes – send well wishes to your followers on their birthdays

TwellWishes is a Twitter app that allows Twitter users to send well wishes to their followers for birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, or whatever you like.

TwellWishes also doubles as a reminder service so that no one’s birthday is ever forgotten.  Every user has a link to give out which allows people to add themselves to that user’s birthday list.  When a birthday rolls around, everybody with that birthday on their list will be reminded with one simple tweet.  They can send a tweet to that person from within TwellWishes or they can send a virtual gift such as a cake or a frosty cup of beer.

The creators of TwellWishes got the idea after noticing there was no way to keep track of followers’ birthdays.  Facebook users get that information automatically, but on Twitter you only see birthdays in passing.  Furthermore, you usually end up with some kind of gift for your birthday, so they thought it’d be neat to open up a virtual gift store.  Users can send gifts with either credits or cash (via PayPal).  Everybody has a chance at 100 free gift credits if they enter their birthday the first time they use the app.  When they run out of credits, they can easily purchase more.  For $1, $5, or $7, they get 100, 500, or 1000 more gift credits, respectively.  Also, users can earn gift credits when they send gifts with cash via PayPal.


  • Add your birthday and have your friends add theirs, send gifts when it matters
  • 100 credits free to start with, more can be bought later
  • Birthday reminder service for Twitter


TwellWishes Says

TwellWishes is a date reminder service for Twitter users.



  • @twellwishes – TwellWishes is your Twitter friend’s birthday reminder app. Well Wishes in 140 characters or less…Start your list in 3 easy steps. 🙂
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