TweetTeleVision – now Watch your tweets, star them with a clap!

TweetTeleVision lets you watch tweets on your computer screen while you carry on with your household work.

An innovative and not to miss feature of TweetTeleVision is Clap-A-Tweet. Whenever you see a tweet that you want to read later, just clap your hands twice and it would be saved for later reading! You would need a good set of microphones though.

The idea of watching interesting tweets and going about doing your everyday work is interesting. Apart from that, the fact that you can just clap and mark a tweet for later reading helps you stay away from the computer while you do your chores.

There are a set of default channels. You can create your own channels too. Just follow the instructions, which need you to create a twitter account starting with ‘ttv_‘.

Update: TweetTV has been renamed to TweetTeleVision.


  • Watch tweets on your computer screen
  • Clap your hands to star a tweet for later reading
  • Innovative and fun to use


TweetTV Says

TweetTeleVision displays recent tweets (Twitter Messages) from the most influential and active Twitter users grouped in “Channels.”
There are channels with the latest tech, celebrities, musicians or general news.

The Tweets are displayed in large letters visible from at least 10 feet away, and change automatically after 1 minute, so you can enjoy those while doing your housework! 🙂



  • @illcom – Part-time developer. Currently working on TweetTeleVision. Full time QA Analyst.
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2 thoughts on “TweetTeleVision – now Watch your tweets, star them with a clap!

  1. Federico Elles

    If you wonder: Due to TweetTV being already registered as a Trademark, I had to rename the app to “TweetTeleVision”.
    Now, I’m quite curious what will be like. 🙂

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